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7.7 shopee lazada mid year sale

Live Update 7.7:


Hoorah! ? 15% coins cashback is available right now when you shop with no min spend.

Don’t miss the deals, and shop here right now :runner:♂ :runner:♀


3.56pm Find Love from these LazMall Brand Spotlight with the exclusive additional offers, only on 7th July, from 4PM-6PM!

2.15pm Game Hour is Happening NOW:
Play Now:
We won 70% Voucher!! Yeah!!

1.48pm: from 2PM-4PM, LazMall Brand Spotlight has this exclusive additional offers!
Faster collect vouchers & add to cart TODAY:

106530726 3263301930404303 2146304464555549868 o.png? nc cat=110& nc sid=8024bb& nc oc=AQkP6Lr02M0Wej1rqL2RWCG35xKjDhqssPz41Dq2bdIFrX8Q14VqlvR4AvxRbwNqLxCRzTsT0h2FkIG0ml6fGtjG& nc ht=scontent.fkul16 1

12.55pm Lazada x Bank vouchers
New batch is OUT for grab!
Collect now:

106492946 1159618604425020 599914630269629573 n.png? nc cat=108& nc sid=ca434c& nc oc=AQl8sKAWJm21e6zbkFCGqLeb8BFRf8sXPcpAc ZynQ6 IxvwnR2tz1dIoW 7lky4MjtZaHmQrRL XxST9Pc8reXi& nc ht=scontent.fkul16 1

12.50 ShopeePay: Get RM5 Cashback
Min Spend RM25, Get RM5 Cashback instantly.
We have used it! Quick, limited to first 10,000 users only.
Use Here:

12.20pm Shopee 7.7 Mid Year Sale
Reward 4: 1PM (20% OFF min Spend RM100)
Claim Here:
**TIP: Scroll further down for EXTRA free shipping!!

107707711 1159582674428613 23312108350351387 o.png? nc cat=105& nc sid=07e735& nc oc=AQmBRzpO0oRSiKoTEz5pqjEddyWq3GYoeJmpN91RQKhxPEebHDZx4Jx9ZoVZqomDYPjhzpLJgG8jqlaBDBPMhDdY& nc ht=scontent.fkul16 1

12pm: 12pm-2pm: Get Extra RM7 OFF
Only Here:

11.45 Buy Setel RM50 for Only RM45
Add to Cart:
Claim Voucher Code: MAYBANK5 or KONSERT5
1. Go to Shopee:
2. Input Voucher Code> MAYBANK5 or KONSERT5
Apply Voucher Code at check Out!

Hey hey there’s a Flash Voucher on 7 July only appearing at 12-2PM, mark your calendar so you won’t miss the chancee!!? The voucher is only applicable to LazChoice products and are only available to use during 12-2PM ONLY, so be quick and think no more!!

10.30am Shopee 7.7 Special Code:
Voucher Code: MAYBANK5
1. Go to Shopee:
2. Input Voucher Code> MAYBANK5

10am : Shopee 7.7 Special Code:
Voucher Code: KONSERT5
1. Go to Shopee:
2. Input Voucher Code> KONSERT5

9.48am: Lazada 7.7 Mid Year Sale
Get ready for the next Brand Spotlight 10am-12pm only.
Search for your favorite brands like Adidas and L’Occitane.

9.29am: Shopee 7.7 Brand Spotlight
9am-12pm: Philips
Clearance sale with Special Voucher
Shop Now:

8.52am: Shopee 7.7 Mid Year Sale
Reward Hour 2: 9am
Have you claimed 50% Coins Cashback

8.32am: Shopee 7.7 Special Code:
Voucher Code: SHPBM3
1. Go to Shopee:
2. Input Voucher Code> SHPBM3

1.20am: Pay Setel RM100 with automotive voucher.
Get 1500 Coins Cashback!
Collect voucher here:
* need to scroll down to category vouchers.
Search for setel product and buy!


Check out promotions, deals, promo and voucher codes for Lazada and Shopee 7.7 Mid year sale

Shopee 7.7 Bank/Partner Vouchers

Save the code at:

Valid on 7 July
Value: RM12 OFF min spend RM120
Codes: MBB77 * CIMB77 * CITI77 * PBB77 * RHB77 * HLB77 * BSN77 * AMB77 * AEON77 * UOB77 * OCBC77 * HSBC77 * MBO77 * BI77 * HUAWEI77

Affliate Voucher Codes:

Save the code at:

Valid on 7 July
Value: 11% coins cashback capped at 770 coins; min spend RM70

Time to collect ALL voucher codes!
1. Go to Shopee:
2. Input Voucher Code

Lazada 7.7 Bank Vouchers

Screenshot 2020 07 04 Partnership Main

Collect Here:

Brand Promotions:

Lazada 7.7 Mid Year Sale Promotions and Deals
See the photos for the link to the stores.
Shop Best Deals:

Lazada Grocery Store
For those who love to shop at Lazada Grocery Store, quickly collect your 20% Voucher now before it run out again.
Collect Here:

Lazada x P&G 7.7 Promotion
Get Ready for Lazada Mid-Year Super Sale! Hair care deals at up to 50% OFF + RM30 voucher! Add to cart NOW!??
Add to Cart Now:

83516525 1157202281333319 4502152793397486777 o.png? nc cat=107& nc sid=8024bb& nc oc=AQl1qw3uPS2zyYCglaDiezAAiYndsp6UGgK4NNJNnyTJk0iP1ZJtpn2GfGkIeNtHmoSF0AaKiXdtRXL2QsipS0dA& nc ht=scontent.fkul16 1

Lazada 7.7 x Huggies Mid Year Sale
Get Extra 17% OFF (12am-2am)
Get Extra 12%-15% OFF (All Day)
Add to Cart Now:

107023030 1158222957897918 302322733888885250 o.png? nc cat=108& nc sid=ca434c& nc oc=AQmEauQro P6A0LZBJRK ySzoVefdboQYvBfUkltLDZiNn9AVfAiuyoAlc9CPiUXIcxS0LXnrXEz03t8uVXiPLHp& nc ht=scontent.fkul16 1

Lazada 7.7 Mid Year Sale.
Jimat Borong Deals; Order in BULK
And Save More
Shop NOW:

74396711 1158103794576501 7899006923169637672 o.png? nc cat=111& nc sid=ca434c& nc oc=AQmOMf9Lwj 5aqXQHl0sPqw1a0lNi40PoOP3i evvD0IZbiwiJ4e761079aejdTOQCNPeCbw2gxF97b2APZpFjPh& nc ht=scontent.fkul16 1

LazMall 7.7 x VERO MODA Mid year Sale
Discount up to 70%
+Collect 50% Voucher worth RM100!!
+You don’t want to miss this!!
Collect now:

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7.7 shopee lazada mid year sale
Lazada 7.7 x P&G Promotion
1 year ago

Add to cart Now

Lazada x P&G 7.7 PromotionGet Ready for Lazada Mid-Year Super Sale! Hair care deals at up to 50% OFF + RM30 voucher! Add to cart NOW!??Shop Now:
EzBuy Mid Year Sale: 50% and Promo Codes
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ezbuy mid year sale

Enjoy 50% or more
Lazada Mid-Year 7.7 x OPPO
Lazada Mid-Year Sales is here! Grab the best bundle promo now! We've bundles for latest models of our phones. Also, limited offers on price discounts for other models. Check it out now at ...
Lazada 77 x Enfagrow Deal
Enjoy up to 18% Off* Enfagrow A+ during Lazada 7.7 when you shop at Enfagrow A+ official store at Lazada and also get FREE PLAYTENT* when you spend RM650 and above.Shop now: ...
Blueair x Lazada Crazy brand mega offer
Get 10% off + extra 10% off when purchasing 2 units
Lazada 7.7 Bank Vouchers
Collect from 5 - 7
Show next
laz77 vero moda
Shop Now @ Lazada
83345109 1157865691266978 8698752735564768201 n.png? nc cat=107& nc sid=ca434c& nc oc=AQlsERgJNVuAstWaUtQ fC02lrEQN4dwONMg M2v5hmrbx 4rJZT64khfDnHk2rfRstMThRN7wost15K0QgtnLZ5& nc ht=scontent.fkul16 1

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