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Pay Day Deals – June 2020

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It’s end of the month again, and there are a lot of deals and promotions lined up for you.

Shopee and Lazada PayDay Sale offers great discounts on your favourite items from your favourite brands. Add your items to cart now and don’t forget to checkout at 12am on Shopee 25th May 2024 Payday Sale!

Lazada Payday

mypromo's Exclusive Vouchers

Payday Vouchers

Lazada Payday Sale x Jualan Ramadan Fantastik!

Collect these vouchers NOW!
πŸ’°RM60 Off Min Spend RM600
πŸ’°RM40 Off Min Spend RM400
πŸ’°RM25 Off Min Spend RM220
πŸ’°RM15 Off Min Spend RM150

More Vouchers at Lazada Voucher Page

Lazada Payday Bank Voucher

1) RM15 voucher with minimum spend of RM200
– limited to the first 800 redemption
2) RM50 voucher with minimum spend of RM580
– limited to the first 100 redemption

1) RM10 voucher with minimum spend of RM150

Bank Islam
1) RM15 voucher with minimum spend of RM120

Collect and use from midnight!

Limited Redemption. FCFS!
β€’ Update your cart now!
β€’ Check out ASAP after 12AM

Exclusively for CIMB Bank credit and debit cardholders issued in Malaysia.

Unleash Your Shopping Power with Payday Deals! #CIMBDeals

1) RM15 voucher with minimum spend of RM200 (limited to the first 800 monthly redemption in Lazada App). Valid via voucher collection.

2) RM50 voucher with minimum spend of RM580 (limited to the first 100 monthly redemption in Lazada App). Valid via voucher collection.

Promotion is valid on every 25- 29 of the month, from July 2023 till December 2023.

Terms and Conditions apply.


Enjoy RM15 OFF with a minimum spend of RM120 at Lazada with Bank Islam Card-i from 25th – 30th monthly (up to a month of December 2023).

Shopee Payday

Pre-Shopee Payday
RM11 Off Min Spend RM35 Voucher Codes
Go to your Voucher Page and Claim NOW!

Save these codes


βœ… AT1125PH
βœ… MAD1125PH
βœ… SB1125PH
βœ… ZC1125PH
βœ… HP1125PH
βœ… BL1125PH
βœ… IA1125PH
βœ… 1125PHAFF

Shop Adidas BFCM

Shopee Payday x Bank Vouchers

Very good value bank vouchers ready for you to claim and use for tomorrow’s Shopee Payday Sale.

Shopee Payday Sale x Bank Vouchers

πŸ”₯ RM30 OFF Min. Spend RM1000

πŸ”₯ RM50 OFF Min. Spend RM1500

Alliance Bank
πŸ”₯ RM15 OFF Min. Spend RM150

Alliance bank
πŸ”₯ RM50 OFF Min. Spend RM500

πŸ”₯ RM100 OFF Min. Spend RM800

Bank Islam
πŸ”₯ RM15 OFF Min. Spend RM130

Bank Muamalat
πŸ”₯ RM12 OFF Min. Spend RM100

Payday x Maybank

Maybank Shopee Card
πŸ”₯ RM28 OFF Min. Spend RM150

πŸ”₯ RM20 OFF Min. Spend RM150

Maybank x AMEX Card
πŸ”₯ RM25 off Min. Spend RM150

Follow the links and claim all these vouchers now!

Zalora Payday

Malaysia Airlines x CIMB Payday

May 2023 Payday Voucher Code

Lazada Payday RM7 Off Voucher Codes
Apply Code:

For All Customer
Value: RM7 Min Spend RM70


Apply the code to your cart now

Lazada Bank Vouchers

Payday x Partner Vouchers

Collect Limited Payday Vouchers
β€’ MasterCard – RM10 min spend RM150
β€’ Bank Islam – RM15 min spend RM120

More Vouchers
β€’ Free Shipping
β€’ 25% Cashback
β€’ Store Vouchers

Collect Here:
πŸ‘‰ Boost
Collect here:
β€’ RM5 Off with minimum spend of RM80

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Watsons PayDay Sale

Watsons PayDay Promo Code: Extra RM25 Off
Details Here:

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