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Berjaya Sompo x Motorcycle: Get 10% OFF + Chance to Win 5g gold bar worth RM1,600

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berjaya sompo promo gold

SOMPO WIN A GOLD BAR CAMPAIGN: Get a 10% rebate and stand a chance towin 1x 5g gold bar worth RM1,600 when you buy/renew your motorcycle insurance online with us.

Why SOMPO Motorcycle Insurance?

Renew Your motorbike Insurance online
Get 10% OFF and a chance to win Yamaha Legenda 115z worth RM5,500

• 10% Online Rebates
• Comprehensive or Third Party Coverage
• All Riders Coverage
• Chance to win 1x 5g gold bar worth RM1,600


Bring some bling-bling into your life. You can stand a chance to win 1x 5g gold bar worth RM1,600*. Just buy/renew your Sompo insurance product online and the first 300th and every subsequent 300th successful online transaction will win a gold bar. Feeling lucky? Grab this golden opportunity NOW!

Campaign Prize: 18x 5g 999.9 fine gold bar worth RM28,800* in total. Each winner is only eligible for 1x 5g gold bar worth RM1,600*Campaign Date: 15 March 2022 – 15 June 2022Follow these simple steps to participate in this campaign:

  1. Buy/renew Sompo insurance product online with no minimum premium required.
  2. Once the online purchase/renewal is successful, you will automatically be enrolled in this campaign
CustomerPrizeSelection CriteriaFulfilment Date
New & Existing Berjaya Sompo Insurance’s customer5g 999.9 Fine Gold BarFirst 300th and every 300th Successful Online Transaction . For example: 300th , 600th , 900th , and so forth”15-Jul-22

Berjaya Sompo Car Insurance Promotion!

Renew Your Car Insurance online Now with Berjaya Sompo Insurance and enjoy 10% discount on your premium and Stand a chance to win incredible prizes worth over RM20,000, including an iPhone 13 and iPad Mini from now until 31 December 2021.

Double Combo deals Not To Be Missed. Is your car Insurance expiring soon? Here’s a good reason for you to renew it now. Simply buy or renew SOMPO MotorNow car insurance online and enjoy additional 10% Special Discount.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Free Car Insurance Quote & Renew Online now.

Renew Your Car Insurance online
and Get 10% OFF Now

Berjaya Sompo is dedicated to being one of the leading insurance service providers in Malaysia. As a global insurance leader, each of Berjaya Sompo clients is entitled to world-class services. Your protection is Berjaya Sompo’s priority as they strive to provide the best and comprehensive range of general insurance solutions for individuals and corporation.

Berjaya Sompo Post

Get a Free Car/motorcycle Insurance Quote Within Seconds With Complimentary Flood Coverage.

Get Free Quotation:

Why Berjaya Sompo?

  • 10% rebate of payable Gross Premium
  • No need agent, just do it yourself online.
  • Easy and fast
  • Direct JPJ Link Website
  • Can renew your road tax through MYEG or post office

More Reasons:
Unlimited Named Drivers. Avoid Crowded Places. Instant Coverage. Cover Note in Email. Third-party Coverage. Personal Accident Add-On. Direct JPJ Link Website.

Benefits of getting your car insured with Berjaya Sompo

  1. Extra savings on your private car insurance premium when you opt for voluntary excess. A voluntary excess is an amount you will have to pay upfront if you make a claim. Agreeing to pay a voluntary excess should lead to a lower annual premium.
  2. Free Special Perils Coverage of up to RM10,000 at no additional cost.
  3. Agreed Value of Sum Insured for your vehicle.
  4. Free All Drivers Coverage – no need to name additional drivers.

Just follow these simple steps:

Renew Your Car/Motorcycle Insurance online
and Get 10% OFF Now

Step 1: Pick Car, Motorcycle or Travel quotation that you are interested in.

File Aug 24 09 50 39

Step 2: Fill up your particulars as required and Tap “Get Premium”

File Aug 24 09 54 24

Step 3: Your Vehicle Details will appear and complete the details.

File Aug 24 09 58 01

Step 4: Select Extra Coverage that suits you.

File Aug 24 10 04 09

Step 5: Fill up Client Details

Step 6: Check the details and Pay

Berjaya Sompo will email you the Cover Note.

You can Renew your road tax easily at Post Office near you or get it delivered to you if you use MYEG service, as the insurance is Directly Linked to JPJ Website.

If you need help, just tap on “Chat with SOMPO Online”

File Aug 24 10 05 56

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