9.9 LazMall Big Brands Leaderboard 2020

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9.9 has passed and it’s time we see what are some of the top brands that top 9.9 LazMall Big Brands Leaderboard this year. Did your favourite brands made it into the “Boards of Fame”? Find out now! ​Don’t let your shopping spree stop just yet, continue to discover more amazing deals today, only on Lazada.

Mother & Baby

  1. Shop Drypers
  2. Shop Pediasure
  3. Shop Enfagrow
  4. Shop Huggies
  5. Shop MamyPoko


  1. Shop M.A.C
  2. Shop Bobbi Brown
  3. Shop Maybelline
  4. Shop Laneige
  5. Shop Perfect Diary


  1. Shop Milo
  2. Shop Nescafe
  3. Shop Signature Market
  4. Shop Oldtown White Coffee
  5. Shop Everyday

Home & Living

  1. Shop Kitchen Z
  2. Shop Ogawa
  3. Shop NeckPro
  4. Shop SpinaRez
  5. Shop ECOlux


  1. Shop Clinique
  2. Shop Laneige
  3. Shop Estee Lauder
  4. Shop Innisfree
  5. Shop Eucerin


  1. Shop Adidas
  2. Shop Zanzea
  3. Shop Clarks
  4. Shop Fossil
  5. Shop Skechers

Food & Beverages

  1. Shop Baskin-Robbins
  2. Shop Burger King
  3. Shop Tealive
  4. Shop Black Whale
  5. Shop Haagen-Dazs

Small Appliances

  1. Shop Dyson
  2. Shop Philips
  3. Shop Xiaomi
  4. Shop PerySmith
  5. Shop Tefal

Large Appliances

  1. Shop Midea
  2. Shop Panasonic
  3. Shop Sharp
  4. Shop Toshiba
  5. Shop Hisense

Mobile & Tablet

  1. Shop Huawei
  2. Shop Xiaomi
  3. Shop Oppo
  4. Shop Samsung
  5. Shop Apple

This is the end of the list. We shall wait for 10.10 Lazada Sale list. And we will see if the brands will give more promotions and deals for us!

Till 10.10 Lazada Sale..


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