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Versa Cash is a new way of managing your money that is licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The reviews and feedback have been convincing! Sign up today with our referral code and RM10.00 worth of Units!

Enjoy 4% p.a. with Versa Cash! Better than fixed deposits!

Start today!

• You worked hard for your money, so make your money work hard for you.

• And get 4% per annum return rate on your first RM30,000!
Promo Ends 31 January 2023.

How does the campaign work?

It’s simple! As long as you have funds in Versa Cash, you will automatically enjoy our promotional net return rate of 4% p.a. 

This promotion only applies to the first RM30,000 in your Versa Cash account and it is open to all new and existing Versa Cash users.

If my balance in Versa Cash exceed RM30,000, will I continue to earn the promotional net return rate of 4% p.a.?

The promotional net return rate of 4% p.a. only applies to the first RM30,000 in your Versa Cash. Any subsequent balance above RM30,000 will continue to earn Versa Cash’s base net return rate of 2.5% p.a.

When will I receive my earnings from the campaign?

Your returns from this campaign will be credited to your Versa Cash account the following month, on a monthly basis.

Example: Your earnings from the promotional net return rate for the month of September, will only be credited into your Versa Cash account in October.

How risky is Versa Cash?

Versa Cash is very low-risk. The underlying fund in Versa Cash is the Enhanced Deposit Fund which invests in money market instruments and low-risk fixed deposits.

What is the difference between Versa Cash and a fixed deposit account or savings account?

Versa Cash does not require any minimum lock-in periods, unlike a fixed deposit account. Moreover, Versa Cash does not have any requirements for you to earn our full projected return rate.

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Sign Up Versa with Referral Code JZQYJ8D6 and Get RM10 Reward

What is Versa?

Versa is a digital cash management platform, is here to transform your sleeping cash into money-earning potential through return rates similar to the interest of a Fixed Deposit. With Versa, you can ‘duit’ your way and enjoy the freedom to withdraw your savings at any moment without penalties.

  • Start saving with just RM100
  • Earn FD like returns
  • No lock-in periods, withdraw anytime
  • No sales charges, no deposit/withdrawal or other hidden fees. No complications. No lock-in period.
Sign Up Versa with Referral Code JZQYJ8D6 and Get RM10 Reward
Copy Code and Sign Up for RM10 Reward

How to Sign Up?

Follow these simple 10 steps and use our referral code JZQYJ8D6 to enjoy RM10 of Units. That’s an instant 10% return on your investment.

  1. Tap on this link:
Sign Up Versa with Referral Code JZQYJ8D6 and Get RM10 Reward

2. Download App and Tap to Open

3. Tap on Create Account


4. Key in your preferred Display Name and email address

5.Key in Promo or Referral Code: JZQYJ8D6

  • Important Step for RM10 Reward!

6. Tap Create Account; key in OTP (sent via email) and Verify OTP


7. Set your Password


8. Next steps are all about Verification

> Verify your mobile number
> Verify your identity via Identity Card photos and a Selfie
> Submit additional details


9. Ok, all set and done. Now it’s time to deposit money to your account. Start with minimum RM100 to enjoy RM10 reward.


10. Done. They will verify your account and will take up to 5 business day for amount to be reflected in your balance.

Note: All investments involve some degree of risk!

Download Versa App

Sign Up Versa with Referral Code JZQYJ8D6 and Get RM10 Reward
Copy Cosde and Sign Up for RM10 Reward

Versa Review


  • Unlike FD, You can get started with Versa with a deposit as low as RM100.
  • Versa is great if you want to park your money for short or long term. You do not need to commit to putting your money for certain period of time. You may withdraw your money anytime.
  • It gives very competitive interest rate of up to 2.0% p.a. or higher depending on the performance of Affin Hwang Enhanced Deposit Fund.


  • It takes Up to 3 business days for the deposit to be reflected in your account
  • And it takes 2 business days to reach your bank account if you withdraw

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