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Lazada Lazzie Hunt Quiz Questions and Anwers

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Lazada Lazzie Hunt Quiz Questions and Anwers

Play Lazzie Hunt to win rewards! Join quiz and split rewards among winners. Quiz answers to most of the questions are here for your reference! Enjoy Lazzie Hunt is back with more surprises this month of May!

Lazada Lazzie Hunt Quiz Questions and Anwers

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

What school did Harry Potter attend? Hogwarts
Angelina Jolie brought which Disney villain to life? Maleficent
Which US State is Lilo & Stitch in? Hawaii
Lazada is celebrating 10th year anniversary in 2022? TRUE
Convert 10,000 Lazada Coins into Malaysia Ringgit – 100
Max length of tiktok video – 60 seconds
Who is the owner of Lazada Group? Alibaba
Most common surname in the United States? Smith
Three Primary Colours – Red, Blue & Yellow
What is Malaysia Emergency Hotline Number/No ?- 112 & 999
Which travel faster? Hot or Cold? Cold
What is the population of Malaysia in 2021 – 33million
Choose top 3 most populous countries in the world? China India & United States
Which Netflix show has most view in 2021? Squid Game
Which of followings are newspaper publishers in Malaysia All except – Berita Harimau
Which campaigns below had Lazzie Hunt? 12th Dec 2021 and 11th November 2021 (11.11 and 12.12)
What time is the Lazzie Quiz? 12pm and 8pm
How many legs does a lobster have? 10
Most ordered food in America – Fried Chicken
OTP stands for? One True Pairing
What animal is Timon in Lion King? Meerkat
What is the most popular colour of car? White
Which Country will host the 2024 Olympics Summer Games – France
Name of Harry Potter’s parents – Lily and James
How many bones do we have in the ear? 3
What’s the name of the toy cowboy in Toy Story? Woody
Which animal can be seen on the Porsche Logo? Horse
Most expensive home in the world – Buckingham Palace
Name of Lazada’s Mascot? Lazzie

Which countries have a Disneyland theme park? Hong Kong, Tokyo, Oriando
Who invented scissors? Leonardo da Vinci
Sleeping Beauty Prince name – Prince Philip
Names of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs – Sleepy, Sneezy & Happy
Which country topped the leaderboard at the delayed 2020 Olympics? USA
Who is Goofy’s son from Disney? Max
Average female height in Malaysia – 154cm
Average male height in Malaysia 165cm
Wild animal that can be found in Malaysia? All the above
Companies owned by Elon Musk Tesla and SpaceX
How many types of Lazzie? 5
What does BBC stand for? Tick all, except British Broadcasting Corporation.
How big is Malaysia? 330,000km2
What was the first Disney Movie? Snow White
What is the main fruit in Ribena? Blackcurrent
What is the loudest animal on Earth? The Sperm Whale
Choose the Countries included in the United Kingdom England & Scotland
What animals lay egg? All of the above
How many eyes does a bee have? 5
Which is Apple’s highest selling iPhone model? iPhone 6
First man to walk on the moon? Neil Armstrong
Who is the 2nd Prime Minister of Malaysia? Tun Abdul Razak
How many keys are there on a piano? 88
Which country invented ice cream? China
What makes balloon float? Helium
Pearls can be found naturally inside of what? Oysters
Which company slogan is this “Go Where Your Heart Beats?” Lazada
Which of the following vouchers can be used with Lazada Bonus? All of the above
Which fruit below contains more sugar? Orange

Choose three smallest countries by area in the world? Vatican City. Monaco, Nauru
Which of the below are not the biggest Island of the World? All except Greenland
How long foes it take to hard boil an egg? 7 minutes
Which is rarest M&M Color? Brown
How to earn coins in Lazada? All of the above
What is the name of Thor’s hammer? Mjolnir
How many zeroes are there in 1 million 6
How many islands does Malaysia has? 878
What rank is Petronas Twin Tower in the World? 9th
Dory in “Finding Nemo” suffers from what? Short term memory loss
Which of the following are one of the 7 wonders of the world? Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China & Colosseum
Based on Lazada Policy Return Policy, Lazmall purchases should be return in how many days? 15
Which Disney Film Features the song “When You Wish Upon a Star”? Pinnocchio
Which country drinks the most coffee? Finland
How many neck bones does giraffe has? 7
How many bones does a shark has? None
What is the name of biggest technology company in South Korea? Samsung
How many infinity stones are thanos looking for in Avengers? 6
What is the ranking of Malaysia as Most Peaceful Country in the world in 2020? 20th
How many months has 31 days? 7
How many weeks in a year? 52
Which countries have the longest border? ( In Mandarin ) USA & Canada
In this sequence [1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 36, x], what is the value of x? 43
Who is the singer of Hakuna Matata? JD McCrary, Billy Eichner & Donald Glove
The number of letter of the longest word in Oxford English Dictionary. 45
When did Lazada launch? Birth date? 27th March 2012
When Lazzie Hunt was first introduced?` Oct 2021
What is the national fruits of Malaysia? Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan
What do the male Muslims wear during Hari Raya? Songkok, Baju Melayu
Hari Raya Aidilfitri marks the end of… Ramadan
Special dish during Raya All except Indo Mi

What is the oldest state in Malaysia? Kedah
What do the female Muslims wear during Hari Raya ? Baju Kurung, Tudung
What are the races found in Malaysia? Malay, Chinese & Indian
During Ramadan, Muslims fast from to _. (select one) Sunrise, Sunset
What is the capital city of malaysia? Kuala Lumpur
What do the Muslims children get from elders during Hari Raya? Green envelopes
Karakter Disney mana dalam The Little Mermaid yang menyanyikan lagu, Kiss the Girl? Sebastian
What’s the tallest building in Malaysia? PNB 118
When did Malaysia got independence? 1957
How many player in a beach volleyball team 2
What is the name of the island about 30 km off the mainland coast of northwest Malaysia which is famous for its beaches ? Langkawi
What is the name of a Beach in Malaysia where tourist can witness giant leather back turtles lay their eggs Rantau Abang
What is the height of Mount Kinabalu 4095m
Sabah & Sarawak are part of which islands? Borneo
Off the coast of Pahang, which of the small island farmed for its diverse marine life and pristine beaches Tioman Island
Which is the highest mountain in Malaysia? Mount Kinabalu
How many legs does a spider have? 8
What is the height of KL Tower in meter ? 421
What is the ingredient that is found in most local delicacies? Coconut
What are the four colours that appear on a Malaysia’s flag? Red, Blue, Yellow
In the following, which are the islands in Malaysia Perhentian Island, Tioman Island, Pangkor Island
How to collect and win Lazzie? Select All

Calculation Question

Solve this: 10*0 + 10 = ? 10
Solve this: (1×2)x(2×5)-20×11 = ? -20
Solve this: (10/2)+(1-9) -3
Solve this: 100-88 x 2 =? -76
Solve this: (8-8)x (9×8)+1 1
Solve this: 10-8-10+(7×10) = ? 62
Solve this: 3-85+(10×10) = ? 18
Solve this: (25/5)+(6+6)-2 = ? 15
Solve this: 12×12+9×4= ? 180
Solve this: 100-88+(12×12) =? 156
Solve this: (11×2)+(11×11) =? 143
Solve this: 120-80+(2×2) =? 44
Solve this: (4+5)-(2+10) =? -3
Solve this: 10×10+12×11 = ? 232
Solve this: 100-8+(2×18) =? 128
Solve this: (8-9) x (9×8)+1 =? -71
Solve this: (10×2)+(12×12) =? 164
Solve this: 12x12x2 +? 288
Solve this: (5×4)-(2×9) =? 2
Solve this: (10-8)x(9×12)+1 =? 217
Solve this: 20×2-100 =? -60
Solve this: (9×2)+(12×12) =? 162
Solve this: 3-85+(11×10) = ? 28
Solve this: 9×12+4×12 =? 156
Solve this: 11×12+12×10 =? 242
Solve this: 500-20×2 =? 960
Solve this: 111x2x2 444
Solve this: 10x10x5 =? 500
Solve this: 10-8-10+(7×10) =? 62
Solve this: 111×2×2-10=? 434
Solve this: 100-78×2 =? -56
Solve this: 99-88+(12×12) =? 155
Solve this: 11×10+12×11 =? 242
Solve this: 120-79+(2×2) = ? 45
Solve this: 120-80+(2×2) =? 44

Solve this: (11×2)+(8×8) =? 86
Solve this: 9×12+9×4 =? 144
Solve this: 7×8+9×9 =? 137
Solve this: (12-8)x(9×8)+1 =? 289
Solve this: 100-8+(2×20) =? 132
Solve this: 11x11x2=? 242
Solve this: 1+2-6 = ? -3
Solve this: 8+8×2 = ? 24
Solve this: 20/2+67 = ? 77
Solve this: 100+2-20 =? 82
Solve this: 77-20×2 =? 114
Solve this: 80+100×2 = ? 280
Solve this: 9+9+7+2 =? 27
Solve this: 10-8-10+(7×10) =? 62
Solve this: 10×10+2=? 102
Solve this: 77×3-154 = ? 77
Solve this: 222+919 = ? 1141
Solve this: 300/4×2 = ? 150
Solve this: 9+9×2 = ? 27
Solve this: 89-9×10 = ? -1
Solve this: 1+19+20+18 = ? 58
Solve this: 12x3x2 = ? 72
Solve this: 24×7-50 = ? 118
Solve this: 2x2x2 = ? 8
Solve this: 1+4+19 = ? 24
Solve this: 9+109-18 = ? 100
Solve this: 50x8x2 = ? 800
Solve this: 3+4-10+6 = ? 3
Solve this: 10+40 = ? 50
Solve this: 888-777-111 = ? 0
Solve this: 10×10+10 = ? 110
Solve this: 4×5-10 = ? 10

Solve this: 10×2+78 = ? 98
Solve this: 9+109-18 = ? 100
Solve this: 110/5×2 =? 44
Solve this: 1000-80-2 =? 918
Solve this: 7x7x7 =? 343
Solve this: 11+38-70 =? -21
Solve this: 2×3-3 =? 3
Solve this: 9×9+10 91

Input Questions

What Color are zebras’ strips when they are first born? Tips: 5 letters Brown
Name the hardest rock in the world. Hint: D_ A_ _ _ D Diamond
What belongs to you but other people use it more than you? Hint: Your A_E Name Give me food, and I will live: give me water, and I will die. What am I? Hint: F _ _ Fire
What never asks questions but is often answered? Hint: D_ _ _ BE_ _ Doorbell
Thanks to me, you can see straight through the wall. What am I? Hint: W_ _ _ OW Window What goes up and down, but always remains in the same place? Hint: S _ _ _ _ Stairs
Convert 30,000 meters into kilometer 30
When you have me, you immediately feel like sharing me. But, if you do share me, you do not have me. Hint: S_ _ R_ T Secret
Name the country who has a city called Zurich. Hint: it starts with ‘S’ Switzerland
How many ribs are in a human body? 24
How many letter is the longest word in the world in the Oxford English Dictionary? 45
Use number of weeks in a year minus 2. Write your answer. 50
How many degrees are there in a circle? 360
In a website browser address bar, what does “www” stand for? World Wide Web
What is the name of new feature in Lazzie Hunt. Hint: Lazzie B_ _ Lazzie Bid
If you have a bowl with six apples and you take away four, how many do you have? 4
What is the painting ‘La Gioconda’ more usually known as? Hint: Mo_ _ Li_ _ Mona Lisa
How many years are there in a century? 100
What can be broken, but is never held? Promise
What does BMW stand for (in English)? Bavarian Motor Works

Malaysian Pancake? Apam Balik
How tall is Yao Ming the basketball superstar in cm? 229
How much Wallet Rebate is Lazzie Quiz giving everyday? RM10000 ( Four Zero’s)
Which key cannot open any door? Hint: _ _ _ KEY Donkey
What is the longest word in the oxford dictionary? pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
What is Malaysia’s national anthem? Negaraku
What is the biggest state in America? Alaska
What is the national football team name? Harimau Malaya
Named the biggest island of the world. Hint: G_ _ _ _ LAND Greenland
What’s the biggest state in Malaysia? Sarawak
The smallest island in the world. Hint: N _ _ r _ Nauru
Name one of the best water sports in Malaysia. Hint S_R_I_G Surfing
Which season we should avoid to visit malaysia islands? O_S_O Monsoon
What’s the largest mammal in the ocean? Whale
Name one of the island in Malaysia Mabul


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