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Lazada Bonus is back for Lazada 6.6 Gen Gaya Sale. Collect this Bonus everyday from 1 June – 8 June 2023 and use the bonus on 6.6 Gen Gaya Sale!

How to Collect Lazada Raya Bonus:

  1. Go here: https://mypromo.my/lazada/bonus
  2. Collect Lazada Bonus – Up to 3 chances/times per day
  3. Spot Lazada Bonus items and Add to Cart.
  4. Check Out on 6.6 – 8.6 together with other vouchers.

You will get RM10 off for RM100 spend. So, if you are planning to buy expensive items from Lazada during the 6.6 Gen Gaya Sale, make sure you collect and accumulate all the bonus everyday!

You may use the Lazada Bonus along with bank and/or brand vouchers to enjoy more savings!

• Get RM 10 OFF every RM 100
• Lazada Bonus can be stackable on itself.
• Lazada Bonus can be stackable with seller, platform, payment vouchers!
• Collection: 1 – 8 June
• Redemption: 6 – 8 June

Lazada 6.6 Sale x Bank Vouchers List for your reference

Link to collect voucher: https://mypromo.my/lazada/voucher
Link to apply Promo Code: https://mypromo.my/lazada/cart

All you need to know x Lazada 6.6 Gen Gaya Sale

Lazada 6.6 Gen Gaya Sale

Lazada 6.6 GenGaya Sale from 6-8 June 2022! During this 3-Days Sale, Lazada will have Lazada Bonus RM10 off every RM100 spend, Coins Cashback Up to 66% and Free Shipping with no minimum spendAND MORE!

Lazada is making your month of June an EXTRA CUN one!

Lazada 6.6 Gen Gaya Sale
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Happening Daily:

Lazada 6.6 Sale Offers & Deals

Set Reminders:

  • 1-8 June: Feed Posting + Voting
  • Coins – Browse mission, coin takeover, cybercoin cashback up to 66%
  • 3-6 June, 4PM-6PM: Livestream Festival (See Now, Buy Now)
  • 6-8 June, 9PM-10PM: 6.6 LazLive

Top Brands Must Check Out

FOREST OFFICIAL STOREMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 60% off + RM5 offhttps://invol.co/clb0c0g
HushPuppies ApparelMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 70% off+ RM10 off min spend RM100https://invol.co/clb0c0t
GUESSMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 60% off+Buy 2@15%https://invol.co/clb0c1b
SuperdryMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 50% offhttps://invol.co/clb0c1i
Whiskas & PedigreePet SuppliesUp to 30% off + RM22 off voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0c85
Chow Sang Sang JewelleryWSJUp to 30% off
3% off RM800
6% off RM1600
Buy 2 get 6% off Minty Collection
Buy 2 Single Earring, get 6% off
Buy 1 charm free 1 cord, buy 2 get Charme collection box
OXWHITEMen’s Shoes & ClothingDeals as low as RM 29 + RM 25 voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0c9y
POLO HAUSMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 66% off + 50% off voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cbl
HLAMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 50% off + RM 25 voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cbu
QuiksilverMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 30% off + RM 15 voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cc3
vivo malaysiaMTOnline Exclusive Deals! Y20s@RM749 ONLY in Lazada, New T1 Series From RM649, X70@RM1899, Y01@RM419! Stackable Promo – RM90 off Vouchers + Lazada Wallet Vouchers + Lazada Bonus + Membership Vouchershttps://invol.co/clb0ccj
GiordanoMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 70% off + voucher + flexicombo + free shippinghttps://invol.co/clb0ccw
SLAIXIUMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 70% off + voucher + flexicombo + free shippinghttps://invol.co/clb0cd6
CMENIN Official StoreMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 70% off + voucher + flexicombo + free shippinghttps://invol.co/clb0cdj
Playboy Fashion StoreMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 70% off + voucher + flexicombo + free shippinghttps://invol.co/clb0ce1
Hush Puppies USAMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 60% off + RM10 off min spend RM110https://invol.co/clb0ceg
Dr CardinMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 70% off + RM 7 -RM28 vouchers + GWPhttps://invol.co/clb0coh
VansMen’s Shoes & ClothingUp to 50% off + 20% min spend RM200https://invol.co/clb0coo
vivo malaysiaMTUp to 43% Off + RM90 Vouchers !https://invol.co/clb0cp4
Anker Flagship StoreAudioup to 50% + voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cmt
UGREEN MALAYSIA AUTHORIZED STOREMT AccyUp to 75% off + voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cn7
Puma MalaysiaSports Shoes & ClothingUp to 60% Off + Buy 2 get 15% Offhttps://invol.co/clb0cli
Under ArmourSports Shoes & ClothingUp to 40% Offhttps://invol.co/clb0clq
OribagsBags & TravelUp to 80% off + RM40 off voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cm2
CasioWatches Sunglasses and JewelleryUp to 50% off + 15% off voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cl0
Doughnut BackpackBags & TravelStorewide 20% Off + 20% voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cia
Bata Official StoreWomen’s Shoes and ClothingUp to 40% off +RM8 off voucher + buy 3 get 30%offhttps://invol.co/clb0cjk
babyshopstoreMother and BabyUp to 50% off + RM7 off min spend RM70 + Buy 3 get 10%https://invol.co/clb0ciz
Big PharmacyMother and BabyUp to 10% off + RM5 off min spend RM120https://invol.co/clb0cir
Big Care MartMother and BabyUp to 15% off + RM4 off min spend RM120https://invol.co/clb0cj2
Samsonite Official StoreBags & TravelUp to 50% off+RM50 min spend RM800+Buy 2, 5% offhttps://invol.co/clb0chq
Thule OfficialBags & TravelUp to 50% off

27% off with no min spend, capped RM12

RM17 off min spend RM200

RM27 off min spend RM300

RM37 off min spend RM500

RM127 off min spend RM1500
JocomGroceriesExtra RM12 Off Voucher with RM80 spend!https://invol.co/clb0ch7
IGL CoatingsMotorsUp to 20% off voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0cfm
PatPat Flagship StoreMother & BabyUp to 50% off +50% voucherhttps://invol.co/clb0ckl
Chikool BabyMother & BabyUp to 50% off + Free Shippinghttps://invol.co/clb0ckc

Lazada 6.6 Quiz Race

Lazada 6.6 Quiz Race

Quiz Race – New Lazada 6.6 GenGaya Game is Up! Are You Fast Enough? From 30 May to 8 June 2022, let’s play Quiz Race to test your knowledge!
Link: https://mypromo.my/lazada/quiz

Read fast, answer fast & win prizes worth up to RM500!
Are you up to it? Try it now

Lazada 6.6 Quiz Race
Win Up to RM500 Voucher!
Lazada Promotions

Rewards include:
Platform vouchers, Lazada Bonus, Seller vouchers, Free Shipping vouchers and Prizes!

Game Period: 30 May to 8 June 2022

All About Lazada Quiz Game

How to play QuizGame?
a. 1 ticket is required to play each time.
b. After the game has started, you will be presented with questions to answer before the countdown ends.
c. If you choose the right answer, you will be rewarded with some Gems, and then proceed to the next question.
d. If you choose the wrong answer, the game will end immediately. At this point, if you wish to continue the game, you can use coins to exchange for a ticket to revive yourself.
e. At the end of all the questions, you will be awarded with a number of Gems according to the number of questions answered correctly. Gems can be used to exchange for Rewards at the Rewards Store.
*If you withdraw from the page during the game, the game ends immediately and the ticket you spent on playing the game will not be returned to you.

How to earn more Tickets to play?
a. You will receive 5 free tickets to start with. If the number of tickets drop below 5 at any time, 1 ticket will be generated every 2 hours up to a maximum of 5 tickets.
b. Redeem Tickets with LazCoins
c. Invite Friends
d. Place an Order
e. Browse a Store

How to Redeem rewards?
a. Redeem platform vouchers, Lazada Bonus, seller vouchers or a one-time gift bag with Gems in the Rewards Store anytime during the game period (i.e., until the end of 8 June 2022). You will only be able to redeem your Gems within the game period, and not after.game period, and not after.
b. The prizes in the gift bag may be any of the following: Free Gifts, free shipping vouchers, Lazada Bonus or platform vouchers. You may redeem the gift bag any time before 6 June 2022, but you can only open it on 6 June 2022 itself.
c. Apart from the one-time gift bag, you will also be subject to a redemption limit for each reward. All rewards are limited in stock and refreshed at 12 am MYT every day!

How to earn more Gems?
a. The more correct answers you choose, the more Gems you will win.
b. Kindly note that if you don’t use the Gems, they will be cleared on 12am MYT on 8 June. Please use them in time during the game period.


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10% Off Valentine's Day Flowers

Malaysia Public Holiday 2022!

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