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Friso - Sign Up for Free Sample

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Friso - Sign Up for Free Sample

Friso Description

Most parents tend to associate their toddler’s digestive health with a happy tummy. And that’s about it!

However, many parents do not know about their toddler’s digestive health goes beyond a healthy tummy? Digestive system breaks down the foods that your toddler eats into energy and nutrients his body needs. Easy digestion will ensure that the nutrients from the foods that your child consumes are optimally absorbed to support his healthy growth and development. Therefore, making sure to toddler’s digestive health is important as his body could run into troubles in absorbing the essential nutrients if you don’t take enough care of it.

The new Friso® Gold formulation uses NOVAS™ Signature Milk is sourced from specially selected premium Holstein-Friesian Cows that are housed in their own farms in the Netherlands. These cows are regularly evaluated on their health and milk composition to ensure they are able to produce the highest quality of milk. Moreover, they are fed a customised diet which includes naturally grown rye grass and maize to ensure each cow maintains optimal health in a bid for quality milk. 

In addition to that, when looking for a formula milk brand, it is best to evaluate if the nutrients are well preserved. This is because a child’s digestive health is very delicate, especially in their early years. Nutrients in their most natural state are much easier to digest, while being less likely to stress your child’s stomach and cause constipation. 

This is why special technology such as Friso® Gold’s LocNutri™ Mild Heat Treatment Technology are used when processing their formula to retain as much nutrients as possible. 

Friso® Gold goes through single processing to preserve 90 per cent of nutrients by using mild heat treatment to maintain the natural structures as best as possible.  

In total, there are over 50 essential nutrients in each Friso® Gold tin. These include DHA, AA and Omega-3 and Omega-6 to support fuel learning as well as mental growth, while calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals help your child’s muscle and bone growth. 

Meanwhile, the presence of GOS, Nucleotides and Bifidolactis supports a healthy gut flora to absorb key nutrients and promote a strong defense system. 

Looking forward to try? Try out the Free Sample from Friso®

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