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Boost Ang Pow Challenge (What is that? )

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2
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Details Here:

What is the Ang Pow Challenge?

1. Daily Ang Pow is a game that eligible customers can play to earn cashbacks and coins.

2. Upon joining the Challenge – customers will receive 2 ang pows in which they can choose to redeem or giveaway these ang pows to someone else.

  • If they redeem both for themselves, they will die in the game.
  • If they want to stay alive, they need to giveaway at least 1 ang pow to another friend who has not yet joined the challenge. They will need to repeat this daily to stay alive in the game.

3. The longer they stay alive the more ang pows they will receive.

4. If customer dies in the game, he/she may revive up to 2 times by spending RM50 cumulatively. The customer can only revise up to two times throughout the game.

5. The angpow challenge will commence from the 15th Jan 2020 – 14 March 2020.

Here are the STEPS

IMG 9277 1
IMG 9278
IMG 9279
IMG 9281
First attempt, only RM0.50…….. But it’s FREE money!
IMG 9282
Since, I gave one ang pow, I am still ALIVE and will get another 2 more ang pows in 24 hours.

*Remember! Always give away one Ang Pow to stay ALIVE.


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