Shopee – Lazada Daily Bank Voucher and Offer

Shop on Shopee and Lazada to Enjoy daily discounts when you pay with your card from your favourite bank. Remember to always claim your vouchers before checkout! Collect daily or monthly vouchers from Citi, Maybank, Standard Chartered Bank, UOB, Publich Bank and more!

Please refer to the list of vouchers and offers here before you check out, so you can get better discounts!

Summary of Bank Offers

Monday: Lazada x Citibank
RM28 Off Voucher
Monday: Shopee x Standard Chartered
Get RM20 Off
Tuesday: Lazada x Standard Chartered
RM20 Off
Tuesday: Shopee x Maybank
Enjoy up to RM35 Off
154 days left
Tuesday: Lazada x Mastercard Wallet Cashback Promo
Up to 12% Cashback
Wednesday: Shopee x Citibank
Save Up to RM50 on Every
Wednesday: Lazada x Maybank
RM15 Off Voucher
Shopee Mum's Club Bank Promo x MBB + RHB Every Wednesday
Save Up to RM50

Details Here:

Thursday: Shopee x UOB
Enjoy up to RM25 off
Thursday: Shopee x Public Bank
Save Up to RM22
Thursday : Lazada x Affin Bank
RM15 Off Voucher
Friday: Shopee x RHB
Get RM18 off with minimum spend RM150
Saturday: Lazada x AmBank Card
RM30 Off Voucher
Weekend: LAZADA x Maybank Happy Hours Promotion
RM18 OFF with a minimum spend of RM150
SCB Promotion: Cashback with Lazada E-Wallet
Sunday: Lazada x RHB
RM16 Off Voucher
Month-End Sale: Shopee x Maybank
10% Off Voucher
25-29 Every Month: Lazada x CIMB PayDay Deal
RM15 Off Voucher
25-29 of Every Month: Shopee x CIMB
Up to RM15 Off Vouchers

1. Go >
2. Tap on tkt554 to go the next page
3. Tap on Upgrage Now
4. Cash in minimum amount of RM10 via FPX or eWallet
5. Wait for interest to go into your account everyday!

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